Jonathan Davidson Architects

Pepper House, which was constructed in the 1980’s as a low energy production building, sits on an industrial estate in Stockport and is to be reconfigured to create self-contained office units over two floors. In addition, the parking area is to be developed to provide 38 new, three-storey business units of approximately 1,500 sq.ft each.

The design response is focused around the creation of a ‘village’ style environment by using streets and squares to provide connections between the various parts, and breaking down the scale of the development by creating ‘clusters’ of new buildings, arranged around courtyards that create a sense of intimacy and a space for shared activities.

This will provide opportunities for interaction and encourage a community feel, creating a new ‘neighbourhood’ with an identity and a sense of place. The layout is completed by the new business hub, positioned at the entrance to the site, acting as a signpost for the development and visible from Pepper Road.